Lucchetti: Pasta de Mama Link

  • 193.000 visitors over two months
  • 60.000 children drew and shared theyr drawings
  • On-line and off-line integrating campaign

Sony Ericsson: Vivaz HD

Sony Ericsson - Vivaz HD

  • Great press coverage on leading off-line and on-line media
  • 69.000 visitors in a month
  • 350 uploaded videos

Movistar: Movistar Banda Ancha 2.0 Link

Prolam: Entra a la Agencia Link

Fundación Padre Hurtado: Galleta Solidaria Link

Un Techo Para Mi País: No Me Gusta Link

Prolam: (Work in progress) Link


Prolam Shareme (beta) Link


Simplified file transfer system in order to replace ftp and CDs.

Banner Campaigns

Movistar Santander/Banefe Link

Movistar Santander/Banefe

Movistar Nieve Link

Movistar Nieve

Movistar Ubah Link

Movistar Ubah

Lucchetti Pasta de Mamá Link

Lucchetti Pasta de Mamá

120 Edición Bicentenario Link

120 Edición Bicentenario

Movistar iPad Link

Movistar iPad

Educación 2020 Link

>Educación 2020

Movistar Compaq Link

Movistar Compaq

Movistar Ladrón

Sony Ericsson - Vivaz HD

Movistar Ubah 2 Link

Movistar Ubah 2